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About us

ONEplanet, ONEbusiness is one of the leading Czech companies in the field of human resources and staffing. It provides their services under the patronage of the Czech parent holding company GATE GROUP+.

Company’s division ONE International Expert Recruitment was created to help international companies in obtaining and recruiting quality human resources from all over the world. For this purpose, the company has the teams of experts with extensive experience in the areas of legislation, education, immigration policy, employment, and other fields.

What can We do:

  • Finding suitable job candidates, providing them with consulting and connecting them with employers from our portfolio. who operate in central Europe

  • Assisting employers in recruiting quality employees from the foreign labour market and handle all recruitment-related matters

  • Finding students interested in College or University education in the Czech Republic with added value in the form of premium services

  • Providing a comprehensive service to applicants, employees and students in the process of obtaining visas and relocation to Central European countries

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Why us?

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We provide consulting and assistance BEFORE and AFTER arrival to countries of destination

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We have established local offices with our staff in the countries where we operate

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We have teams of professionals with many years of experience in the industry

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High flexibility and commitment at every stage of the process

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We are guided by qualified analyses of the labour market and education programs

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We provide full-service


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