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Helping young people with College and University in the Czech Republic
Are you interested in studying in the Czech Republic? Do you want to discover a new culture, learn the language, meet new friends and opportunities? We'll help you find a College or University education in English language.

Are you a parent worried about how your child will cope in a new country? We offer full, fee-based extra care from accommodation and transport to assistance and personal protection.
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The University education system in Central Europe
Higher education is divided into three levels: Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral programs.

The Bachelor's degree usually lasts three to four years and, upon successful completion, the student is awarded a Bachelor of Arts (Bc.) or Bachelor of Arts (BcA.). The degree is written in front of the name.

The Master's degree usually lasts for two years if it is a continuation of a previous course of study. In the case of non-degree programs, the period of study may be four to six years. Upon successful completion of the Master's degree, the student will receive the Master’s degree (Mgr.), Master of Arts (MgA.), Engineer (Ing.), Engineer Architect (Ing. Arch.), Doctor of Medicine (MUDr.), Dentist (MDDr.), Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (MVDr.). These degrees are written in front of the name.

The Doctorate is intended for graduates of master's programs and usually lasts three years. Students receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine (PhD.) or Doctor of Theology (Th.D.).
School year
ŠThe school year is divided into two semesters.
The winter semester begins in September or October, and is completed with credits and exams, with the exam period usually in January.

The summer semester starts in February, is completed in the same way as the winter semester, and the examination period usually runs until the end of June. In the final year of study, the student is engaged in writing a Bachelor's, Master's or Doctoral Thesis and is required to pass the final state examinations. He or she is then issued with a diploma of successful completion of the University studies.
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We provide:


  • Selecting a suitable University and field of study

  • Communication with the selected Universities and provision of additional information

  • Details of the admissions procedure and necessary preparation

  • Arranging student status in the Czech Republic

  • Assistance in solving issues related to studies


  • Applying for a long-term study visa

  • Arranging accommodation in the Czech Republic

  • Providing Czech language courses or other tutoring

  • Assistance in travelling to and from the destination

  • Purchase of airline tickets and airport transfer


  • Consulting on accommodation in the Czech Republic

  • Assistance with unexpected events

  • Legal and security protection

  • 24/7 telephone support

  • The possibility of extra VIP care for the student

Jak to funguje

How it works?


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Select the University you are interested in from the list of partner Universities

Choose from our wide range of study programs

Send us a request, we will send you our offer

We will prepare all the documents for your student visa


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We will arrange the flight to the Czech Republic

We will help you (your child) to adapt in the new country

We will help to prepare you (your child) for the University admission exams

We will provide you (your child) with all the necessary services, you (your child) might need in Czech Republic

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and send you any further information you need, including a range of out additional VIP services. Write or call us anytime, we will be at your service!

Možnosti studia

About Czechia

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Czech Republic

⚫ Member of the EU ⚫ 9th safest country in the world 
⚫ 3.4% unemployment

Located in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a parliamentary republic consisting of 14 regions. It shares borders with Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Poland. The head of state is the President. The population of the Czech Republic is 10 578 820.

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