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Production operator - chopper and packaging machine combiner


The company JOHNS MANVILLE SLOVAKIA, a.s. is looking for workers for the position of Production Operator - combiner of choppers and packaging machines - glass fibre pushers, cutters and packers.

  • Area of activity: production operator

  • Salary: according to classification

  • Accommodation: provided

  • Vacancy for: men, women

  • Preferred age: 18 to 45 years

  • Working hours: 8.5 hours per day

Requirements for employees:

  • Job title: production operator - combiner of chopping and packaging machines

  • Minimum educational qualification.

  • Required experience: Glass fibre production

  • Job description: Pulling machine - cutting - packing of glass fibre - organisation of work on the pulling machine, quantity and quality control - operation of equipment for cutting glass fibre - control of the number and quality of rolls consumed, unloading rolls into storage racks - handling and packing of products - handling of loads, including loads over 15 kg - carrying out weighing and marking of finished products, operation of weighing programme

  • Other requirements for applicants: male/female, manually skilled and physically fit

  • Language skills: basic knowledge of Russian.

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